Dennis Miller + Mark Steyn LIVE : Adorable Deplorable Tour 2019 : Concert Photography : Kodak Center – Rochester, NY : tomas flint

I’ve always held that in order to place faith into one path or another, you must be informed as possible about BOTH paths, and let your gut ride it out.  Dennis Miller + Mark Steyn brought wit and intelligence, informed arguments and of course, humor to their Adorable Deplorable performance at the Kodak Center in Rochester NY this weekend.   I enjoyed hearing the slants and zings, but will leave it at that.  I am in this profession to tell stories, not comment on them.

Thanks to the good people at the SMG Entertainment and the Kodak Center for having me on as their House Photographer this year.  I’m really looking forward to the lineup.  Rochester – and those considering visiting: Click here for a list of shows at the Kodak Center.