The vibe around the National Mall on the day before the 2017 Presidential Inauguration was calm.  I had arrived early and setup was still in progress.  It didn’t feel much like The National Mall.  A stage, instead.  The cloud cover overhead illuminated a dull morning haze.  I walked for miles.  People were, for the most part, kind.  One could interpret that as a kindness for the sake of kindness, one could interpret that as “please help me, please help us ALL”.   …or maybe my camera and willingness to initiate eye contact could explain it.  I’m not sure.  …but then again, this isn’t a time of certainty.  Whatever I was picking up on was not certain, either.  Was it a fear of an end?  The excitement of a beginning?  In hindsight, I am subscribing to the notion that it was a sense of middle that I felt.  Like a sort of anxious caution that accompanies a very polarized environment.

I don’t intend for this to be a political post.  There is no slant here.   As an American, a media journalist and a Father – I want for whomever is making decisions to simply make GOOD decisions.  Remember that these are important issues, and that we will leave much of their burden to our children.  Treat people like you would want them to treat your kids.  Do good, for Pete’s sake.  The seat of Presidency of the United States of America is a privilege.  Treat it – it’s people, and ALL people – as such.  …and the Environment too.  PLEASE be good to her.  Seek opportunity, but consider ramification.


I visited Washington D.C. this past weekend by way of a very fortunate happenstance.  My good friend Sean McCarthy started a tent rental company in Rochester right around the time that we met.  He was engaged to the most dynamite girl in all of the land – and I was their Wedding Photographer.  Through them I gained a much deeper understanding of myself and the purpose of my work.  Through the years, we’ve grown together.  As time passes, our kids will carry on the friendship that we forged.  That’s pretty cool.  Anyway.  Sean’s Company – McCarthy Tents and Events – landed the gig to provide the Media Village Tent for the Inauguration.  This was a huge contract.  His crew left Rochester before the New Year and had been building, managing and basically erecting and furnishing America’s Media Central – from scratch – on the National Mall!   ABC, CBS, FOX News, CNN…all the big hitters were broadcasting from it.  Sean had me down as his guest.   I took some pictures.  Here are a few – in no particular order – for your viewing enjoyment:

2017 Presidential Inauguration : Washington D.C. : McCarthy Tents & Events