Adirondack Wedding and Elopement Photography : Lake Placid Wedding Photography : Indian Head Engagement : Katherine + Roy by tomas flint

Some days are meant for dreaming.  In the case of this engagement photography session with Katherine & Roy Adirondack Mountains of New York State, this statement has never proved more true.  Everything about it – starting with the connection we all shared on through to the way that the light danced in and out of the clouds – something of pure magic.

We had to hike for a bit to get to the peak of Indian Head.  But boy oh boy, when that tree line cuts off and the vista opens up, the splendor of the Adirondacks has never been so apparent. …and all of the efforts put into the ascent quickly fade into utter joy and gratitude.  Thank you for this session, my friends.  It is a day that I will NEVER forget.

…and thanks to Mike Hanlon for coming along and making the ascent with us.  What a weekend!!

Adirondack Wedding and Elopement Photography by tomas flint