Food + Drink Photographs : Published Magazine Feature : Cocktail Photography : Editorial Photography by tomas flint

I was recently given an Editorial assignment for Buffalo, NY-based, Rochester, NY – centric (585) Magazine.  The assignment required that I wear many hats.  It basically came to me as “we need a piece for the Critical Drinking section of our next issue. Can you come up with a cocktail, write about it and then stage and photograph it as well?”.  I’m familiar with the last two items as a magazine editorial photographer, but the first two?  Out of my comfort zone and EXACTLY what I wanted to take on!!  Love getting out of the box.  Putting it all out there, not knowing what you’re doing and how it’ll be received.

So here is my piece in the March-April 2019 Issue of (585) Magazine.  Thanks to my editor Jane for the challenge, encouragement and creative freedom.  …and thanks for whoever still believes in magazines.

(but if you don’t still believe in magazines, we’ve got an online version available at