This is the first time in some time that my work has played a part in establishing an ambiance for a space. Looking back, the experience revealed itself in layers:
First was the intention. I jotted down some guidelines after my first visit,,,a mission statement, if you will:
‘To cohabitate without challenging. To speak without defining. To contribute without pretense.’
The presentation was to serve the space, not overwhelm it or define it…to just play nice.
The layer that I didn’t anticipate was the discovery revealed through the process. Time spent editing, actual physical contact w the large-format prints, collaborating with framers, hanging the pieces,,,there is so much to the process that is lost in the immediacy of the modern day. Digital workflow has certainly increased efficiency and kept costs low,,,but the trade off – the loss of intimacy – I guess it’s just an unfortunate price to pay. I wish that all of my clients could experience their memories in real life,,,and not settle for a mash-up of pixels and cyber-blah.