Oak Hill Wedding Photography – Alexa + Nick : Rochester, NY Wedding Photography : Luxury Wedding Photography by tomas flint

In the my line of work, 2021 is thought of as the ‘year of the reschedule’.  With the world getting back on its feet, the Weddings that we started preparing for back in 2019 are proving to be celebrations of EPIC proportions!  Party on, y’all!!  It’s been a long time coming.

Alexa + Nick’s Oak Hill Country Club Wedding was no exception.  The style was on point, the setting was stunning and the party NEVER stopped.  Consider that the room is also filled with some of the finest people you’ll ever meet and well, I simply can’t say enough.

Alexa + Nick:  Thank you for sharing in your celebration with me.  It was an absolute honor and a TON of fun.  Here are a few previews…

Alexa + Nick : Oak Hill Country Club : Rochester, NY