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If you don’t know, now you know.  The future is here and this time it’s coming in the form of jewelry.  The Token ring…a wearable identity shield – security in this insecure World.  Here’s what I’m talking about straight from the company’s website:

Taken from:  www.tokenize.com

“As consumers of the internet, we’ve become fatigued by the constant fear that our data and digital identity will be compromised by cybercriminals. And unfortunately, the problem is only getting worse. So many of the physical things we use to identify ourselves are being replaced by digital versions, which piles more credentials on top of the accounts we’re already struggling to keep secure.

The advice we get when we’ve been hacked is “reset your password, turn on two-factor authentication” but that solution is complicated and more importantly – it costs us time. Simply put, we resist change when it requires us to compromise on convenience.

The internet is an amazing place that many people fight to ensure we all have free access to it. But access isn’t enough. It should also be safe, so we’re free to enjoy and use the internet as we choose. Otherwise, the internet can be a place of incredible risk, which limits how comfortable we feel connecting more of our lives to the internet.

Before it becomes even more of a status quo, we’re fixing the approach to consumer security. Securing the databases, servers, and networks that our accounts and digital lives exist on is critical but arguably, protecting the end-points (us!) is just as, if not more, important.”

Token Co-Founders Steve & Melanie Shapiro stopped by the studio recently to make portraits as part of a cover shoot for POST Magazine.  What’s extra special is that they are also former wedding clients of mine…so the reunion had been a long time coming.  Here’s what we came up with: