The British Virgin Islands are about as close to paradise as these eyes have seen.  Crystal blue water, white sands, palm trees and a people and culture that make the living easy.  After their engagement, Jan and Ed had very little discussion as to where their wedding would be.  Virgin Gorda in the BVI is the home of The Bitter End Yacht Club, one of the World’s most highly regarded resorts amongst Maritime enthusiasts.  In order to reach the island, you must take a prop plane (like luggage in the wings kinda deal) to Beef Island…then a 45 minute ferry out to the resort.  So remote and COMPLETELY UNPLUGGED.  No televisions in the room, no locks on the door.  You rise and sleep by the sun and after a day or two of adjusting, you naturally begin to ask yourself…’what is so convenient about modern conveniences??’  Jan and Ed adore this island, and now I do too 🙂

The gathering was small but extremely connected.  These were lifelong friends and by the time I left, they felt that way to me too.  Here is a small smattering of imagery that we made during our time there.  As with all Destination Weddings, my roll goes far beyond the Wedding Day.  Take me on excursions, hikes, whatever…wherever.  I want to be where the action is, where the memories are being made.

Special thanks to my British Brother from another (British) Mother, Jez Dickson – who travelled all the way from Chelmsford, England to shoot with me.  Poor pasty chap got a nasty case of sunburn and was confined for shade for a good portion of our time there.  …but he pushed through like a champ and we made some forever memories in the process.

3 Cheers to 2 of my favorites : Jan & Ed!

British Virgin Island Wedding : Bitter End Yacht Club : Virgin Gorda : Jan + Ed