In the 5 years since its inception, WALL \ THERAPY has grown from a tiny spark to a mighty flame.  It has given people a new way to think of and experience the Modern Art Scene.

New to Wall \ Therapy??  Here is a little breakdown – as per www.wall-therapy.com :

WALL\THERAPY is an art and community intervention project, using public murals as a means to transform the urban landscape, inspire, and build community.  

WALL\THERAPY murals have transformed walls, buildings, and neighborhoods. This transformation has sparked inspiration in individuals and communities alike. The murals have become part of the local conversation, the local identity, and the fabric of the city. Local art classes and schools tour the murals as part of the curriculum. Local professionals change their route to the murals part of their drive home. Local artists, young and old, find inspiration in the works.

WALL\THERAPY mural project is now recognized worldwide. People from 2000+ cities in 104+ countries have visited the WALL\THERAPY site to learn more. New mural artists from around the world ask about painting Rochester, for the first time or for another time.

As a photographer for the festival, I have had first hand interaction with the artists, organizers and support/volunteer team.  Using this access, I have witnessed and documented the very best that they had to offer.  …and the utmost potential of what our wee city can do when we put our hearts into something.  Hats off to Festival Founders Dr Ian Wilson and Erich Lehman for another year that exceeded expectation.  …and many thanks to the artist who came from near and far to leave a little piece of themselves here in Rochester, NY.

Artists featured in this year’s festival are, in no particular order ((Click on their names to learn more about these gifted artists)):

Sarah C Rutherford : Ian Kuali’i : Sean Lugo : La Morena : Aubrey Roemer : Jess X Snow : Todd Stahl : ROC Paint Division