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In the wake of a pandemic, we have been asked to adjust…and then re-adjust.  …and repeat.  This is especially true of the event and hospitality industry.  In the interest of safety, large marriage celebrations have given way much smaller, intimate wedding events.  These events have been termed “Micro Weddings” – a term that I prefer not to associate with.  Nothing against those that do, I just prefer not.  Anyway, Small Weddings (or Tiny Weddings, or even Teeny Tiny Weddings) have a different flow, a different vibe are all-together awesome in their own special way.

These photos tell a very condensed version of the unforgettable weekend that I spent celebrating my friends – Julia + Patrick.  20 People gathered at their family home on Cazenovia Lake in Upstate NY.  It was perfect.  It was an honor and down right pleasure to hang with these fine folks and soak it all in.

Julia + Patrick : Small Wedding on Cazenovia Lake in Upstate NY