Magazine Cover Photo : (585) Magazine : Food + Beverage Photography by tomas flint

The latest issue of (585) Magazine has hit the shelves and I’m thrilled to see that my light and airy martini photo was selected to grace the cover.  Please be sure to check it out, if you’re out and about anywhere in Western New York.

My editor never tells us who gets the cover.  She asks us to ‘shoot for the cover’ at every shoot.  A philosophy that I could not possibly be more in line with.  Every shoot, every frame…everything.

I conceptualized, styled, light, photographed and edited this batch of images in studio.  Besides the cover, a few of the images below can be seen in our regular feature – Critically Drinking.  Cat Archer pens those articles every issue, and is an absolute gem.  That and so much more in this issue – including a feature on Wall/Therapy, an International Mural Arts Festival here in Rochester.  Check it!  ….and now, onto the photos:

(585) Magazine Cover Photograph : Craft Cocktail and Kitchen Photographs by tomas flint